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  • European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) meeting – 23 January 2018

      The European Consumer Consultative Group is the Commission’s main forum to consult with national and European consumer organisations. Since its establishment in 1973, the European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) assists the Commission by providing expert advice on EU consumer related issues, issuing opinions and participating in different fora. It advises and guides the Commission
  • European Commission Representation Malta – Report update – 25/01/2018

      As of January 2013, the European Commission Representation in Malta started issuing a monthly e-newsletter featuring information on recent EU-related news and events. Read the latest issue of 25 January here  
  • Commission report on the implementation of EU standardisation policy and the contribution of European standards to EU policies

      On 16 January, the European Commission published a Communication reporting on the implementation of EU standardisation policy, and the contribution of European standards to EU policies. The Report will serve as a basis for the long-foreseen inter-institutional dialogue with the European Parliament, the Council, the Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of the
  • ECC Malta Newsletter – November 2017 issue

      In time for the holiday season, for the last edition of the European Consumer Centre Malta Newsletter, ECC Malta gives some advice about what to look out for when browsing online for gifts and personal shopping. This edition will also highlight the latest publication on ‘Digital Content’, as well as the last Joint Project
  • Association for Consumer Rights – Membership for 2018

      Become a member of the Association for Consumer Rights and participate in various events and programmes. Download the application form here.
  • Information services provided in pharmacies

      In its efforts to protect consumers, the Association for Consumer Rights (ACR) is pointing out the fact that pharmacies are charging a fee to persons who are visiting doctors/consultants who have their practice in such pharmacies.  This fee, which is charged over and above the fee charged by the doctor or consultant, covers the
  • Directive to help eliminate cross-border online trade barriers adopted

      A directive on contracts for the supply of digital content has been adopted by the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee and the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection. Read more here.
  • Participate in an Interactive information Session with MCA

      The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has published its report on the complaints and inquiries received during the first six months of 2017. This report provides an analysis of the complaints received by the Authority during this period. The Association for Consumer Rights in collaboration with the National Council of Women is holding an information session with
  • #SayNoStopVAW

      25 November is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – help us take a stance!  Join the UN initiative “Orange the World”, which aims to give the topic of violence against women increased visibility. The European Commission invites you to “Go Orange” as part of a social media flashmob on 25th November.   Read
  • ECC Malta Newsletter – October 2017 issue

      Do you know who to contact when you have a consumer problem? Read the ECC Malta Newsletter of October 2017 to learn about the different means of redress available to consumers when they have a complaint, either with a local or foreign company. The aim behind the free ECC Malta newsletter is to provide consumers

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"The Association for Consumer Rights (ACR) is committed to safeguard the interests of consumers in Malta in all aspects. ACR works towards empowering individuals, to make informed choices when shopping, whether from local retailers or online, helps consumers keep in touch with national and EU legislation and most of all gives advice on how to seek redress when they feel their rights have not been respected. Join the Association now! "



"Mission Statement The Association is committed to safeguard the interests of consumers in Malta in all aspects. The Association shall use all its resources to achieve this aim."

Zooming in on Consumer Affairs

A fairer agro-food supply chain
The agro-food supply chain connects important and diverse sectors of the European economy that are essential for economic, social and environmental welfare as well as for the health of Europeans. However, in recent years there has been a shift in bargaining power in the supply chain, mostly to the advantage of the retail sector and some transnational companies and to the detriment of suppliers, in particular primary producers. This has a particularly negative impact on consumers and some operators, e.g. farmers, workers and SMEs (EESC Opinion - NAT 680 A fairer agro-food supply chain)


Launching a consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights
Following the request from the President of the European Commission to the EESC for a contribution to the consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights ("EPSR"), the Committee engaged in broad civil society consultations in the 28 Member States. In total, some 116 EESC Members and close to 1800 other representatives of civil society organisations participated in these national debates. (EESC Opinion - A European Pillar of Social Rights)


Towards Consumer protection and empowerment in Malta
There is the need for a National Strategy for Consumer Education not only to cater for the ‘intelligent ‘or ‘average’ consumer but also to reach out to vulnerable groups. Empowering consumers will ensure access to education and information thus providing them with the necessary tools to make informed choices and take positive action. (ACR resolution - Towards Consumer protection and empowerment in Malta)


Product lifetimes and consumer information
(Towards more sustainable consumption: industrial product lifetimes and restoring trust through consumer information) Planned obsolescence is associated with a form of deliberately built-in defects of industrial production that relies on a minimum renewal rate for its products. Although product renewal may be necessary, certain abuses need to be addressed. The EESC opinion advocates curbing the most flagrant cases and improving consumer guarantees. The recommendations concern technology, business, regulation, and information. (EESC Opinion CCMI 112 Product lifetimes and consumer information)


European Accessibility Act
Accessibility measures prevent or remove barriers to the use of mainstream products and services. It allows the perception, operation and understanding of those products and services by persons with functional limitations, including people with disabilities, on an equal basis with others. The demand for accessible products and services is high and the number of citizens with disabilities and/or functional limitations will increase significantly with the ageing of the European Union's population. (EESC Opinion SOC 527 A European Accessibility Act)


Environmental, social and health claims
Marketing communication is an important tool enabling companies to publicise their products and services in a transparent manner, ensuring that the internal market operates smoothly and offers a high degree of consumer protection. Some messages, however, are not reliable or contain inaccuracies, making environmental, social or ethical and health-related claims that are damaging to businesses that comply with all the rules and to consumers. (EESC Opinion INT 766 Environmental, social and health claims)